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Brothers and Rivals Duet

Set in 12th Century Ireland, this duet centres around twins who were separated as boys but reunited as men and as enemies! 

Published by Harlequin Mills and Boon, Book 1 Her Warrior's Surprise Return is written by fellow historical romance author, Ella Matthews, with The Knight's Substitute Bride written by Melissa Oliver concluding the duet. See below for more information!

Book 1
Her Warriors Surprise Return

A surprise reunion


With the warrior from her past…


It’s been years since Ruaidhri abandoned Sorcha, and she’s no longer the woman she once was. Now leader of the Suibhne clan, she must unite her people against invading forces. When rumours of Ruaidhri’s return to Ireland prove true, she’s unsettled at seeing him again. He offers to help her, but his past betrayal still burns—even if desire is as strong as ever. Should Sorcha trust her head…or her heart?

Book 2
The Knight's Substitute Bride

Could the wrong bride…

Be right for him after all!

For the sake of his family name, Lord Robert must marry to seal an alliance with an Irish clan. Only, the woman at the altar isn’t who he was promised! Instead, it’s her sister, Lady Mairenn! The sharp-tongued Irish beauty is as reluctant to wed as Robert, but as friction turns to fire between them, she’s further derailing Robert’s plans for this purely pragmatic arrangement…

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